San Miguel Veterinary Clinic employs the use of their radiosurgery unit to reduce pain, bleeding, and inflammation.

Radiosurgery helps the practicing veterinarian in a number of ways. With the ability of Radiosurgery to control bleeding in the surgical field, the view is much improved. With the ability to cut precisely and cleanly in any direction without untoward distortion of the tissue, more accurate excision of tissues is possible. Radiosurgery provides a unique method of sectioning out tumors from difficult-to-reach areas with easy to use attachments to hand pieces.

Radiosurgery helps the pet tremendously. With less bleeding, there is less postoperative swelling. With fewer traumas to the tissue during the procedure, there is less pain and an improved recovery. With less infection, post-operative complications are reduced. Patients leave the hospital quicker and are more comfortable than they would be from having the same procedure performed using conventional cutting techniques.