Specialized Surgeries

At San Miguel Veterinary Clinic, we believe that educating our clients on the surgical process can help alleviate many common fears. Every pet and every procedure is different, but the level of care is the same for all patients.

Your pet will be monitored all day by our team for comfort, safety, and of course, given plenty of affection to help keep his/her stress to a minimum.

Our anesthetic procedures combine top-of-the-line equipment with hands-on technician observation, while your pet’s post-op care consists of constant vital evaluation and diligent attention to pain control.

We maintain the safest anesthetic protocol. Safety begins with taking every anesthetic procedure seriously. Prior to surgery, each patient is given a thorough physical exam to assess his/her general health. Blood tests can also performed to make sure liver and kidney functions are within normal limits. This allows us to diagnose anesthetic problems and adjust the anesthesia accordingly for each individual. If all of these tests are normal  potential risks of anesthesia will be minimal.