Emergency Services

SMVC Logo EmergencySan Miguel Veterinary Clinic provides emergency care to animals in need. Our doctors are available at any hour of the day including weekends and holidays. If at any time you feel your pet needs to be evaluated please contact our clinic and bring your pet in to be seen. We encourage you to call us at 970-327-4279 or 970-428-7868 before coming in so that we can be best prepared for your arrival. Your pet will be treated as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to assure your pets comfort and safety while awaiting treatment.

The following pet conditions, as a general rule, may require immediate medical attention:

Hit by car/Vehicle | Lameness (unable to use a limb) | Prolonged/Difficult labor | Wound/Laceration | Convulsions/Seizures | Wheezing/Difficulty Breathing | Pale gums | Facial swelling | Persistent/Severe vomiting or diarrhea | Bloated or distended abdomen | Straining to urinate | Suspected poisoning/exposure to toxins or non-prescribed medication


Do not give your pet ANY medication or supplement without first checking with your veterinarian. Some common human medications can be toxic, even in small doses to your pet.

If your pet is injured or in pain it is possible that your loved one may not be themselves and try to bite. This is a common reaction to pain and you should take caution in handling your pet for both your safety and the safety of your pet

Note: The above are common symptoms that may require emergency care. The list is not all inclusive and are not all of the possible emergency symptoms.