Pet Foods & Feeding

How to Choose the Right Pet Food

Whether you have a new pet or the pet you’ve loved for years, caring for your friend properly ensures many happy years together. As you care for your pet, even the little things – perfectly selected food, exercise and love – can make a big difference. We want to be a part of your companion’s happy, healthy life, so we’re here to share information on proper nutrition, fitness and special needs.

Knowing the age of your pet is important in choosing their nutrition. If you have an animal and aren’t sure of his exact age, your veterinarian can help estimate that for you.




San Miguel Veterinary Clinic recommends the same top food brand recommended by the

American Veterinary Medical Association-

Hill’s® products which include many different formulas for the many different dogs their foods provide proper nourishment for. These formulas are included in their Science Diet, Ideal Balance, Healthy Advantage, and Prescription Diet lines which also include formulas that are grain free and other specialty diets. The Hill’s brand was originally established by a veterinarian back in the 1960s making it a well trusted brand that has been around for a very long time.

They make every bag of dry dog food in U.S. facilities with high quality natural ingredients from North America, Europe and lamb from New Zealand. These ingredients must meet strict requirements for purity and nutrient content, which often exceed industry standards. At Hill’s the goal is to create the best dog and cat foods possible for our pets, and yours.

How much should I feed my pet?

You should always read the bag of the particular brand that you are feeding your pet and you should feed the recommended amount for your pet’s Ideal Weight. Now, the Ideal Weight does not always mean what you pet currently weighs. In fact your Vet may recommend feeding in a higher weight range if your pet is under weight or in a lower weight range if your pet is over weight. You also need to take into consideration your pet’s other “snacking habits” such as getting scraps from family members or any extra treats they may be receiving through out the day that adds to their calorie intake.

Some owners have multiple pets that steal food from each other, are on different diets, etc. so in these cases a special feeder may be what your pets need. There are a few different brands making these feeders including HomeAgain’s Microchip Controlled Pet Feeder that only opens for the pet with the correct microchip, and PortionPro’s PortionPro Rx Pet Feeder that is controlled by a tag on the pet’s collar where approved pets open the feeding door but if a non-approved tag approaches the door closes until the non-approved tag moves away and is no longer sensed.